On Thursday July 22, 2010 at 3:06am while everybody was asleep, these 2 guys trespassed on my property then disconnected the battery charger from Richard's Harley & stole it.

The link below is the recording from my surveillance camera showing what they did:

Click on either picture below to watch the video. You will need the latest version of RealPlayer to watch it,


If you recognize these guys and would like to tell me who they are and lead me to them.

What this means is that I will give you $200 if information you provide leads to the arrest and conviction of the above mentioned people.

If you are one of these persons who stole this battery charger, I will forget all about this if you return it.

A police report has been filed & DVD's have been given to my neighbors. Flyers will also be posted at local businesses.

Download a flyer:

Remember, "what goes around, comes around"

If you have any information, you can email me by clicking here

This page was last updated on Wednesday August 5, 2010