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TKeR's Place

Lightning? Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends... Lightning?

This page is dedicated to my occupation (CB & Amateur Radio Technician) and one of my favorite hobbies BBSing. And of course my favorite BBS Software, Renegade (C) 1994-1998, Cott Lang.
My BBS was also called Toker's Place and was at (818) 509-9562 from 1994 till 2001

The BBS may or may not be returning soon via Telnet, click here for details.

A couple of thieves caught on video stealing a battery charger in my driveway


Thief Thief Thief

for information leading to their arrest and/or asskicking

Click here for more info and to watch the theft caught on video

Have you heard Chickenfoot yet?


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Sorry, no wizards here. I did it all with a simple text editor, which is included with Windows 95. I realize that anyone can create a web page with a wizard.
But in all honesty, if you created your page with Front Page, Netscape, WebEdit Pro, Word 97, etc. You didn't create it, your program's wizard did.
Now it's time to take your training wheels off and really learn how to ride. (learn HTML).
Yes it's a lot more work, but it's much more rewarding knowing that my Home Page is really "My Creation"...
(I don't spend all of my free time studying HTML, I use the trial & error method mostly).

Do you need help with your computer, do you wish to purchase a new or used computer?

If the answer is yes to either or both of these questions just click here

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This page was created with nothing less than the best, (NOTEPAD.EXE), And should be viewed with nothing but the best.

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